For Tejaswee Rao

by Delilah

I stumbled on her blog while i was surfing today and my heart breaks for this 19 year old who wrote letters to her future, wondered how Atticus Finch would behave in situations and applauded the use of pepper spray.

She died of dengue last week.

She, who was so full of life that she wrote about being appalled by someone wanting to die early.

I’m sad that she wont get to live in Switzerland or eat vegetables grown in her own garden or get a ‘brilliantly creative’ business card.

But heres to you Tejaswee. From one stranger to another. Didnt know you while you were around but today I fell in love with your words, pictures and most of all your opinions.

And to her mother who writes here. Having read both blogs I see where Tejaswee got her voice.

Please say a prayer for her and her family tonight.