Extended Family

I’ve taken a trip that I almost didnt.

Earlier this year I considered giving this one a miss and I ended up buying my ticket mostly due to external influences than my own desire to do so. The reason being that the trip would require spending the first part of it with extended family.

I’ve only just been out for a week and I have met so many people along the way. Some previously known and some completely unknown. While I’m enjoying the thrill of meeting new and interesting people, I’m surprised at how wonderful it is catching up with these people I dont see very often.

The real bonus though is hanging out with my cousin brother who has always been my partner in crime. Although we grew up continents apart we have remained close because we spent every summer together at our grandparent’s house in Sri Lanka.  And each summer without fail we would get grounded for things like setting the garden shed on fire or painting the neighbor’s dog purple.

Now I’m here in this house with all my cousins from one side of the family plus some more. It’s a good feeling that cannot quite be put into words as we sit on the kitchen counters going “hey remember that time…” or slouch around re-hydrating after we get back from bar crawling in the wee hours.

We older ones enjoy showing off a little and making the younger ones jealous with stories of our escapades back in the day. Sneaking out to go partying or smoking up in the servant’s bathroom.  We are clearly very bad role models because most of last nights dinner conversation revolved around how to get a fake ID thats looks ‘real’ for a 17 year old cousin (“Just put it through the washer dude!”)

All in all, it’s not half as bad as I expected it to be. There have been arguments, some annoyance, some prying but also a lot of laughter, good intentions and love.  I guess thats what extended family is all about. Most of the aversion towards hanging out with family I believe is due to these exaggerated visions I have in my head. And the more I stay away from them the bigger it gets. Then I reach a point where I have no choice but to see them only to find out its not so bad after all.

I will leave soon to go spend time with friends but I think I might miss the crazy clan just a little maybe.


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