Just Words

Location: New York.

 – Colombus Circle

 – National Museum of the American Indian

 – Metropolitan Museum of Art

 – American Museum of Natural History

 (Yes, I’m a geek)

*Note: Apologies for the bad picture quality but most of these were taken in bad light (flash not allowed) & odd angles.


18 thoughts on “Just Words

  1. Lucky you!

    Am a great fan of museums and galleries myself. The only problems I have is that they tend to be so vast that my feet ache and after a doing a couple of them back to back I get completely overwhelmed.

    Now I try to sandwich them in between other sight seeing. Absorption also tends to be greater with guided tours.

    1. on the contrary i hate guided tours. but being the geek that i am, i anyway do my research on each museum and gallery beforehand. so i know exactly which sections i want to really see and which ones i want to skim through. i also read up on history of key exhibits etc.

      as for sore feet, dont get me started. but i went for massages and pedicures while i was there which helped a little 🙂

      1. Research – before a museum visit?

        Wow that takes it to a whole new level. My research only gets as far as finding which museums are best…..

      2. yeah see how it works is… almost always i know/have heard about a few things i want to see at most museums. so i would get online and check if those are there and then check what else i want to see etc.

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