Crabs Unlimited

Dangerous Promises.

Just past 6pm yesterday I was wrapping up my fourth meeting for the day when I get a call from my brother saying it’s the last day of an all you can eat crab promotion at the Seafood Cove, Mt.Lavinia Hotel. Too tired to resist, I agree and allow myself to be dragged off to dinner with two hungry boys.

The beach location was beautiful as usual and a bonfire added to the ambience but the first thing I was impressed by was the new standard of service.  Warm and friendly, yet displaying textbook precision in delivery.

How this promotion works was first explained. Basically you are allowed to choose from a menu of different preparations of crab but the beauty of it is that you can order as many platters as you want.

So to start off with we ordered 3 from their menu, Ginger Crab, Chillie Crab & Devilled Crab.

Now while our order was being taken, I casually asked if they would by any chance know how to make my favorite crab dish – grilled crab with garlic butter sauce. Our waiter without batting an eyelid assured me that although it was not on the menu he could most certainly ask the chef to make it. What better way to delight a customer eh?

An appetizer and side dishes of fragrant steamed rice with vegetable stir fry were served while we waited and 4 platters of crabs arrived in no time. Each crab dish was delectable in its own flavor and soon all that was left were little mountains of cracked shells which were discreetly spirited away at regular intervals by staff who seemed to appear out of thin air. Finger bowls and fresh plates kept appearing the same way before we could even feel the need.

Determined to try every dish, we kept ordering till the 3 of us had polished off 9 platters in total and tried the two remaining variants – Curry Crab and Thai Style Crab while also repeating some of the above orders.

At the end of the night three very satisfied people walked out of this wonderful restaurant having paid only Rs.2000 per person not counting the drinks.

Pictures below.

The first 4 platters.

Ginger Crab

Chillie Crab

Devilled Crab

Curry Crab


27 thoughts on “Crabs Unlimited

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t believe I missed this promo. My favourite restaurant in Colombo (well sorta Colombo) also 😦

  2. Sounds like a good evening.

    Would they clean out the meat and give it to you that way if requested? Its the only way I eat crabs, otherwise its too much effort for too little reward.

    I avoid rambutans for the same reason.

    1. yeah. but i’ve also found the governer’s cafe service to be pretty good. there’s an elderly waiter who is exceptionally sweet 🙂

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