Pyjama Days

Earlier this evening I was lying on the floor still in my pyjamas listening to the Cranberries. Feet propped up on the windowsill at an angle where I could only see the sky and rain out the window I had thrown wide open.

As I lay there, thinking about nothing much at all, a strange feeling came over me that can only be described as déjà vu. Then in weird flashback style I remembered another rainy evening when I lay on the floor, in the same room, listening to the same song on the radio. That was easily over ten years ago and I was still in school.  

Nostalgia is a funny little creature, creeping up on you when least expected.


12 thoughts on “Pyjama Days

  1. I love the cranberries… they are so awesome!!! This sounds like the part of the movie Click with Adam Sandler… And the song featured on the movie is one of my fav.. Linger.. always gave me goosebumps… 🙂

      1. Had a similar experience in the office today. A sudden feeling of being there, having done that, before.

    1. yeah you are right. i guess it comes down the people we are. its very possible that i would lie on the floor, listen to music and watch the rain even when i’m fifty years old 🙂

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