Just a Little Unwell

by Delilah

I’m one of those people who likes to believe otherwise when I am in fact very ill.

But I guess there comes a time when you just cant pretend anymore. For instance when your usually amiable doctor shakes his head ominously and says ‘She’s very sick. Admit her now.’

So now I’m stuck in a hospital room watching ESPN and crummy movies on HBO.

The hospital that I’m in amazes me because I have never experienced such good care at any other health care facility. Attentive and so very kind. At least twice every hour a nurse walks in to check my temperature, give me painkillers or they just pop in with a smile to ask if i need anything. Makes me feel like I’m the only patient in the hospital, really.

So far there have been some minor mishaps. Earlier today, forgetting my arm was attached to a cannula, I happily bounced off the bed dragging the whole thing down with me, causing much chaos had my father not saved the moment. Another time I forgot to mention I was allergic to a particular antibiotic until the nurse double checked seconds before she stuck a giant syringe of that same drug into my IV drip. I also cant seem to remember that there is an IV needle that is painfully stuck to the back of my hand and I keep banging it everywhere.

As much as I hate being here its kind of nice to be pampered by friends and family who keep trooping in with books and goodies etc. But its late now and everyone has left. My companion/caretaker for the night is already asleep on the visitors cot, which by the way is far more comfortable than my own bed but I just  cant seem to fall asleep somehow. Its possible that the medicine which sends my pulse racing is keeping me awake.

So anway now that my weekend has been effectively ruined, here’s me wishing that everyone else has a better weekend.