Sanitary Napkins in a Sachet?

As far as I recall the sachet phenomenon in Sri Lanka started with shampoo and now offers practically everything from strawberry jam to fabric softener in these affordably priced miniature packs.

The other day I walked into a roadside pharmacy and found these on display- Eva sanitary napkins sold as individual units. Maybe they have been around and I havent noticed. Eitherway I think its brilliant.


17 thoughts on “Sanitary Napkins in a Sachet?

  1. Not really a “phenomenon” but a necessary channel marketing strategy in countries with a LOT of daily workers with low daily wages no? 🙂 IE- India, Sri Lanka.

    BUT PWHOAAARR!! GOOD IDEA. Napkins in a sachet. Awesome.

    1. it WAS a phenomenon when it first started 🙂
      a little taste of luxury that was of out of reach before was suddenly available to the masses and all that.
      but yes obviously its marketing strategy that works.

  2. With certain brands (the foreign ones I guess), even the napkins in the normal sized packages (i.e. x10, x20) are wrapped individually…it’s soooooo useful!

    I guess the individual shampoo sachets exist mainly for economic reasons, but it’s nice to see marketing strategies that make practical sense too.

    1. actually its happening already at C & D grade groceries. the shop owners break open Anchor packets and sell the milk powder in tiny portions to customers who buy just enough for one day.

  3. on the down side, the smaller the package that’s released, the more packaging it comes with. that means, more often than not, more plastic.


  4. Neat, convenient too I would think, but a sad indication of the times we live in…. single ‘servings’ reflects on the consumers inability to buy in larger and therefore cheaper volumes…

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