‘Doctor Driven’ – Who Gives a Shit?

by Delilah

In the process of hunting for new wheels and it amuses me to no end that some of these ads include phrases like ‘Used by a Company Director’, ‘Doctor Driven’ or ‘Lady Driven’.

So what? How is a car driven by a doctor any better than the same one driven by anyone else?  Isnt it far fetched to assume that a doctor would be considered more responsible than an average driver? 

Company directors, arent these the guys who more often than not leave the maintenance of their vehicle to the drivers? Recent study I was involved in showed that most top brass dont even know what kind of engine oil is used. On the contrary I would expect an executive of a lesser earning capacity to treat their vehicle better because it was harder for them to acquire it in the first place.

Finally, far be from it that I should condemn lady drivers, but with all these male chauvinistic pigs oinking around it really cant be smart to say the vehicle was driven by a female, so why say it at all?

Could someone provide any insight as to why these seemingly useless phrases are so commonly used?