Of Cocoons & Fancies

Friday nights are usually big in this household. The clink of glasses and laughter fill the place.

God knows I could use a drink right now, but YouTube will do.

It has been a week of change. Trials and triumphs. But altogether overwhelming and I’m dizzy from the ride.

I’m not entirely sure that I’m ready for the magnitude of things to come.

Never one to welcome change, I now waver between dismay and delight.

I don’t want to be all grown up and make choices.  I dont want to let go of my quirks. I dont want to be vanilla.

I want to be a hippy and live by the sea. I want to be a mountain hermit and not talk to people. I want to travel like a gypsy. I want to visit every old church in Sri Lanka. I want to work in a bookshop. I want to curl up and do nothing.

I don’t want to decide.


14 thoughts on “Of Cocoons & Fancies

  1. Sigh…I want to be a dive/beach bum too…grown up life is waaaaay too complicated. Btw the template changed between the time I read and posted my comment :S

  2. aio what is this!? ok so i’m not a change monkey either but still…growing up mean lots of new and challenging stuff you can test yourself with, emotionally, physically (baybees naow!) and like…yeah O-o (I suck at motivational talk)

    And i think you should SO DO THE CHURCH THING! Take pics and lets post it on a new flikr acount!! start with colombo. Gal palliya in kolpetty is divine. do it do it do it!

    “Can’t is the cancer of happen.” – Charlie Sheen (OHYEAH!!)


    1. yes yes yes i know growing up can be interesting. but this week has been too much!
      and did ya have to say babies? now i just want to crawl back under the covers 🙂

  3. Having ones cake and eating is the best option, but somehow it never seems to be available.

    One teensy little request, I do love your blog and your writing but when posting comments would you mind using capitals as required? The no-capitals style is a bit disconcerting, a bit too S…..

    Erm, Dee would you mind doing the same?

    Just a humble request and I shall promise to be good if you comply.

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