Confessions at 3 am

I’m nocturnal. I cant sleep because I’m too restless and energized at night. I pace about my room, wander through the house and sometimes end up on the garden swing. I also sleep late every morning and if you try to wake me, I will bite.

I’m a dinosaur. I’m not good with change. I upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 last night. Uninstalled and went back to IE 7 tonight. I know you are probably thinking ‘who uses IE anymore!!!’. Ummm hi, I do.

I’m an open book. Well, most of the time. I dont like keeping secrets from my friends. It makes me unhappy and so burdened.

I’m paranoid. I’m scared. I worry that I will change my mind about things. I worry that something will go wrong.  

I’m stoic. I’m surrounded by scandal, drama and not very nice people. But I’m strong enough to not be like them and neutral enough not to judge.

I’m brave. I’m okay with taking a leap of faith. Out of my cocoon, into the unknown.

I’m fickle. I lose interest in things and move on too fast. Even in people sometimes.


14 thoughts on “Confessions at 3 am

  1. What do you call people who sleep all day and are up all night and who bite if disturbed?

    A vampire?


    The rest of you sounds pretty human actually. Sorry, pretty normal:)

    Also switch to Firefox, ditched IE ages ago. It has too many security holes in it, or so I am told.

    1. Really Jack. Now what was the need for labels and name calling? 😛

      As for Firefox. nyyyyyaaaaaah. Like I said, dinosaur here.

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