The strangest thing

about leaving a longtime workplace is when you are asked to check the vacancy ad being done to find a replacement for your position.

Feels so weird. Almost like I dont want to leave.

Ok, drama over.


22 thoughts on “The strangest thing

      1. thanks 🙂 and yeah i suppose so. its hard to leave a place that has become a second home and yet, i’m excited about the future.

    1. funny thing is, so did i. little over a week for me. and as much as i had the freedom to do as i please around the office, it still felt different. i was just lying awake thinking about it and logged into see your comment 😀

  1. Very interesting.

    I suppose, being social animals we do attach ourselves to our colleagues and the workplace to a greater or lesser extent. Looking at the vacancy advertisement brings the point home that a certain set of relationships is about to end, or at least change.

  2. Hey.. Dunno if you remember me, but good luck, anyways. 😀
    I’m sure you’ll be fine, been reading through your posts and you seem to have gotten through a bunch of difficult situations with a grace I wish I could imitate. 🙂

    1. hey thanks and of course i remember you 🙂
      i do get into a lot of scrapes. keep thinking it’ll get better as i get older but never happens.
      anyway i hope you are doing good. take care.

  3. Aww. 😦 Well, echo what Jack Point said. It’s the whole relationship you build up with the place and the people. Sort of like graduating from school.

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