by Delilah

Life as I know it has changed dramatically in the last week.

Gone are my frivolous days of waking up late and lounging in bed till 9.

No no, I didnt have a baby. I took up a new job.

This job requires me to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5am, leave home at 6.30am and do a 1 1/2 hour commute through 17 traffic lights  to reach work by 8am. (Incidentally the route to my previous workplace which  took 10 minutes, included not a single traffic light)

You think thats bad? it gets worse.

Dressing up for work used to be optional. I used to do it on occassion because I liked to but on lazy days I could just as well go in rubber slippers.  Now, dressing up is mandatory.

Work is different. A whole other industry and a brand new role with higher targets and more responsibility.

I used to work in a comfortable environment with people I had known for years. I had friends. Currently I’m  in a total boy’s club with no females at a similar level.

By now if you think I’m bitching about this change, you are wrong. I love my new job.

This post is not about the job at all.

It’s about resilience and strength.

Both of which, I didnt know I was capable of in such quantities.

Couple of months ago if anyone had told me I’d be waking up at 5am for a job, I would have laughed in their face. But now I have disciplined myself and instead of dawdling on the net I go to bed early.

5 minutes of being stuck in traffic used to drive me up the wall, now I simply take a power nap or use the time to stay in touch with friends I dont otherwise have time for.

Where my wardrobe used to be a tangled ball of clothes that spill out, now hang neatly pressed outfits, color coordinated and planned for the week.

Work itself is the easier thing to deal with and the guys arent too bad.

Physically, I’m exhausted. Every fibre of my being is in protest mode. I have a dull headache and a permanent crick in my neck. But even as my body refuses to accept this change my mind is raring to go.

Something tells me it will all be okay.