Ant in My Coffee

by Delilah

Have you ever had an ant in your drink?

Y’know those pesky black ones who infiltrate the sugar and end up floating unexpectedly in your tea or coffee. But sometimes you are too lazy to fetch a spoon and fish it out. Neither do you want to dip your finger in the drink. So you tilt your cup in all directions to avoid the ant from sliding in with every sip.

Then you get distracted for just one moment and the next thing you know the dead ant is halfway down your throat. 

At first you gag a little and then you think ‘oh well, its not gonna kill me’. So you finish your coffee anyway and in ten minutes you’ve forgotten the ant.


Sometimes, I cant change things. So I keep tilting my life hoping to avoid what I dont want happening. But sooner or later I have to swallow the ant. I will falter but hopefully it wont kill me. 

And it doesnt mean I stop loving my coffee.