Not to be confused with sadness.

There is something different about being melancholy. Almost like a voluntary moroseness. A more becoming shade of blue if you may.

I dont like being sad but I can live with melancholy. Embrace it, on some days.

Given the right music I could even revel in it.

Billy Joel and I have already  played some piano this morning and The Wallflowers have taken me Into the Mystic and rocked my gypsy soul. Rufus Wainwright depressed me with his ironically titled Hallelujah and Shawn Mullins went and made a Beautiful Wreck of my day.

Now all I need is some Tom Petty.

Yeah, I’m not a morning person.


6 thoughts on “Melancholy

  1. Its eight Friday night and am still in office wrapping up and guess what I was just thinking to myself that all I need is some Tom Petty too. Specially a last dance with Mary Jane 🙂

  2. I love the songs you picked! Ironically, they pick me up. And I do agree, everyone needs a little blue once in a while, just not too much. 🙂

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