Bug Bite

by Delilah

Central Park, NY -Sept 2010

Its that time of the year when the travel bug bites.

September last year I took time off work to travel. 3 countries in 2 months.

The best part of it being New York, where it was early fall and I spent endless hours traipsing through museums, drinking great coffee (yeah T, the pumpkin spice lattes were out of this world) and absorbing city life in general.

This year though, I dont see a single trip happening and thats slightly depressing. So being the dreamer that I am, I find myself indulging in an old habit of mine which is to browse through NatGeo Travel and Lonely Planet , planning future holidays right down to a daily budget.

So far I’ve narrowed it down to Egypt or Halong Bay next year, both of which are quite cheap really. Followed by a euro trip the year after – by which time I will hopefully be fabulously rich and footloose.

But seriously, my head spins with all that I want to see. Mostly places of historical, cultural or architectural relevance like Jerusalem, St.Petersburg, Istanbul etc. And it drives me crazy not knowing if or when I’ll ever get to travel to even half of these places.

Someone said the other day how rare it is to have time, money and energy simultaneously and thats so true. When you are younger you have the time and energy but hardly any money to travel. When you are older and employed, you have the money and energy but no time to travel. Then you retire with time and money both, but have no energy left.

Sometimes it really doesnt pay to be a dreamer. Sigh.