Pop Art

I first read about Thomas Kinkade in some American magazine. I think it was 1998. Was fascinated by the samples of his work they featured on the article because never before had I seen light so perfectly infused into a painting. From a distance some of them could be mistaken for photographs.

A year later someone randomly sent me a holiday card with the painting below and the love affair continued.

Over the years I read about how this man who called himslef the ‘Painter of Light’ was criticized for commercializing his art too much. Which is probably true considering how an estimated 1 in 20 American homes own a Thomas Kinkade painting, not to mention other types of merchandise and the movie.

I wonder why thats such a bad thing though. Some people choose to stash away their art in a stuffy gallery, some are  not even discovered while alive. This guy chooses to make a good buck out of it. So what?

As mercenary as it may be, it also allows more people to experience the beauty of his work.

I dont know the first thing about art really and neither do I draw any religious inferences from them, but these paintings to me are serenely beautiful. And while I enjoy the sight of them, it really doesnt matter to me if the same picture has already been reproduced on a million coffee mugs and greeting cards.

After all, chocolate box art is still art isnt it?



6 thoughts on “Pop Art

  1. Kenneth Clark said that landscape is turned to art by light. If one thinks about that statement hard enough one realises its essential truth; something that you have already discovered.

    The Master of Light was Turner. There is a little of Turner in the two middle pictures, but I would prefer the Master.

    I tend to like some of his early work to some of the later, almost impressionistic pictures, but they are all wonderful.

    An early example


    See any resemblance here?


    Explore more of Turner here:


    Constable is also very good, as is Claude (who inspired Turner). Some of the Venetians have done some beautiful townscapes.

    There is a modern fellow (I don’t care for much modern art) called Jeremy Barlow, whose pictures I rather liked.


    I saw some used in a calendar, of all things.

    Apologies for blathering on, I find it a bit hard to stop talking…..but I think you know that already?


  2. wow. thanks for the leads 🙂 thouroughly enjoyed the browse. not a fan of modern art myself, but kinkade is an exception. love the realistic feel he gives.
    and yeah jeremy barlow is good.

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