Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

Did I miss the memo about an end to a blogging era?

Where is Scrumpy? And Dee? Whats with all this ‘protected blogs’ and ‘sign in to read’ stuff?

And no more Lady Divine?  The mother of all blogrolls. Sigh.

I only blinked for like a year and so many people have disappeared.



25 thoughts on “Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

  1. I had to move… But you now are privvy to my new one! 🙂 I don’t know what happened to the others. But I’m really pleased you posted this. I tried to find LD’s and was traumatised when the blog couldn’t be found! 😐

  2. See what happens if you turn your back,even for a minute?

    The nutters killed the blogging stars.

    You had better make up for lost time, young lady. These days I’m forced to trawl Indian blogs, for lack of anything to read.


  3. Ah the nostalgic Golden Age of Sri Lankan blogging. We bring this up now and then when I meet some of the old crowd. Dynamics have changed, most seem to think. People have moved to Twitter or have matured beyond the point of wanting to blog about deeply personal issues. I think the latter is truer for our generation. And the next generation well, doesn’t blog anymore. Sad, but blogs are becoming the newspapers of the internet

  4. Unsettled
    It’s one of those unsettling days where I slept a lot, feel sick, and want someone to talk to… I kept thinking of my dad.. dreamt of my grandfather… Remembered everything amazing about the grandmas.. Down the line everyone just left… Just left..  The house that one had a load of people from grandparents to […]


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