All Blogged Out?

So WordPress tells me I’ve been blogging for 7 years. Although the last two years don’t really count for much.

Makes me almost miss writing.

But do people in SL still write on blogs and read? Or is blogging like so 2008?


10 thoughts on “All Blogged Out?

  1. Think so. At least for “our” generation.
    I left a difficult job that affected my writing to end up with an even worse situation trying to run a small business. No time to read, think or contemplate, let alone write. If I succeed in stabilising the business may be I will return, but with no audience feedback it get boring. A bit like talking to oneself.

    1. Whaaat??? And you used to write so much. I certainly hope you start again sooner than later. Best wishes for your new venture. Speaking of work, I think we worked for the same company at some point 🙂

      1. Ooh Delilah we did? Would have loved to have met you, but probably different times I guess. I did finally meet my other favourite blogger, albeit very briefly at the GLF this year. I’ve been tweeting a bit and wrote a few articles for a think tank (which are to be published later) but otherwise not much activity.

      2. Yes at very different times and different entities within the same group 🙂 and hmmm must look you up on Twitter then.

    1. I think it happens a lot less among the bloggers we frequently interacted with. But I still plan to read and maybe even write

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