While hunting for a new house, I realize that in the last 3 years I’ve lived in 5 houses in two countries. My own place, my parents’ place, a friend’s place and two addresses since I moved here.

12 14 is the grand total of the houses I’ve lived in, spanning across multiple continents.

But funnily enough, all I have ever wanted was to be home. It is as true now for me as it was at six.


6 thoughts on “Gypsy

  1. As a result of all this moving about do you have an aversion for acquiring physical stuff?

    The reason I ask:
    I was a transcontinental nomad myself for a while. After the first 3 moves I stopped buying books (the heaviest stuff to lug). After a TV died I stopped watching rather than buy a new one. Money wasn’t the reason. Even now I feel a “weight” at the thought of having to buy physical things.

    1. I most definitely do! Although I dont exactly live out of a suitcase, I easily could if I chose to. I constantly talk myself out of buying furniture, kitchen stuff, books and so much else simply because possessions inevitably cause inconvenience. I keep telling myself ‘when we move back and settle down I’ll get that’

  2. Came through the old haunts after years and saw that you’re still posting. Hope you’re well and enjoying your new adventure(s)! xxx

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