While hunting for a new house, I realize that in the last 3 years I’ve lived in 5 houses in two countries. My own place, my parents’ place, a friend’s place and two addresses since I moved here.

12 14 is the grand total of the houses I’ve lived in, spanning across multiple continents.

But funnily enough, all I have ever wanted was to be home. It is as true now for me as it was at six.


4 thoughts on “Gypsy

  1. As a result of all this moving about do you have an aversion for acquiring physical stuff?

    The reason I ask:
    I was a transcontinental nomad myself for a while. After the first 3 moves I stopped buying books (the heaviest stuff to lug). After a TV died I stopped watching rather than buy a new one. Money wasn’t the reason. Even now I feel a “weight” at the thought of having to buy physical things.

    1. I most definitely do! Although I dont exactly live out of a suitcase, I easily could if I chose to. I constantly talk myself out of buying furniture, kitchen stuff, books and so much else simply because possessions inevitably cause inconvenience. I keep telling myself ‘when we move back and settle down I’ll get that’

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