by Delilah

So I’m back.

Five kilos lighter and at least ten shades darker.

In the last month I’ve done things I didn’t think I’d ever dare and seen places I’ve dreamed about all my life.

Yet normalcy must resume and there’s nothing like your boss going hysterical with relief and then asking you to get your ass (now well toned might I add) to work  right NOW to give you a much needed reality check.

You’d think the travel bug in me would be sated by now, except I’m desperately craving blue-green Hikka waves. Can’t wait for the season to begin next month.

It’s nice to be back though. To bask in the familiarity of  home, to eat pol sambol again and be with people who can actually pronounce my name.

Among other things I’m loving this French song.

This track is by Juliette Greco but I also found one done by a gravelly voiced Edith Piaf  which is equally interesting. Even if one does not like this song its hard to miss the sheer passion its sung with.

Discovered this one on the soundtrack of “An Education” starring Carey Mulligan, who I quite like. She reminds me of a younger but less awkward Katie Holmes. Check her out on “Never Let Me Go” where she co-stars with Keira Knightley.